Full-length: 50 minutes (approximately)

Douglas is a solo performed by Robbie Synge, with live sound (piano and electronic) performed off stage by David Maxwell and lights by Brian Gorman (company of three). Douglas is designed to be adapted to specific performance spaces through its spacing and choreography. The work has its roots in the outdoors where the choreographer reflected on his everyday routine tasks and incidental events, often involving simple objects.

A lone figure is framed through an exposed theatre staging with a number of simple objects. Through various interactions and constructed compositions with body and objects, the work pursues an idea of 'interconnectedness' where objects impart movement upon the body, and where body and object become interchangeable. A progressive structure is established through the performer's direct operation of lighting and sound. Harvesting potential energy through balance, weight and gravity, kinetic energy is unleashed. The body does not always choose to move and touch, but rather it is moved and touched. A return of energy can more than match energy expended.

Douglas is a result of a choreographic practice that aims to extend movement beyond the body and blur the boundaries between body and object. The research and performance attempts to expand upon the body's manipulation of objects alone by achieving a clear agency and liveness of objects. Objects are not only representational but take action on the body, performing with varying (un)predictability.

Direction, choreography, performance: Robbie Synge
Sound: David Maxwell
Light: Brian Gorman
Dramaturgical Assistance: Peggy Olislaegers

Commissioned by Yorkshire Dance


- Adaptable to most performance spaces. Typically performed in conventional small/mid-scale theatre spaces.
- Ideal conventional theatre space minimum size: 8m wide x 8m deep.
- Exposed wooden/unfinished floor i.e. no dance floor (sprung or unsprung floor).
- Ideally, overhead lighting rig to allow basic wash. Overhead rig can be substituted by high side lighting on booms.
- Lighting desk with manual sliders (lighting cues are not programmed).
- Company supplies own floor lamp.
- Ideally an upright piano, otherwise an electronic keyboard.
- Standard theatre PA system + sound desk.
- Company supplies laptop, and other sound operating equipment.
- Two stage weights.
- Company brings all other staging materials.