Photo: Brian Hartley
Photos: Brian Hartley

Photos: Brian Hartley








The Past Inside The Present




Rally In Progress

Rally In Progress is an intervention or pop-up performance event for audiences of all ages that loosely takes the form of political rally with two political candidates, an intermediary chairperson and the public already assembled in the space. The work lightly references and sits within the context of the Scottish independence debate and the lead up to the Scottish Independence referendum in September 2014 and aims to consider young people in relation to the debate and issues. The work invites the audience/crowd to hear and view the candidates and chairperson’s offerings at various stages of the event and make intervening choices and decisions in relation to forming or re-assessing allegiance to the candidates. Audience choices are influenced through various tactics and psychological games employed by the performers with audience response acted out through physical and verbal actions. The event aims to build in opportunity to reflect upon choices made and reasons therefore.

Alongside the performance event, Rally In Progress may also feature a sound installation based on primary school children discussing and debating the referendum, the future and choice in general, as well as an activity for young people to engage and cast a vote through drawing or writing about the future Scotland they’d like to see.

Rally In Progress was researched and developed at Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling, Scotland and in primary schools in the city. Rally In Progress is a companion piece with Penpals. Commissioned by the Imaginate Ideas Development Fund and further supported by Get Scotland Dancing. Future performances in Glasgow city centre in the run up to September 2014.