Rally In Progress


The Past Inside The Present






A companion project with Rally In Progress in the consideration of young people in relation to the Scottish Independence debate and September 2014 referendum, Penpals is a dance/correspondence project to connect two primary school classes and two pairs of dance artists in Dornoch, The Highlands and Tower Hamletts, East London. The project aims to promote understanding, awareness and communication between pairings of dance artists in each location and groups of young people in each location. Penpals involves structured activities to consider our own cultures in relation to others, getting to know a bit about the individuals and groups in very different location, and a dynamic to and fro sharing between the schools that the young people can direct with the dance artists’ guidance. Documentation of the process throughout by writing, drawing, video, photography and other means provides generates a product to reflect the process and a further stimulus for reflection and sharing beyond the project’s timescale.

Supported by Thames Dance Consortium and Chisenhale Dance Space, London.

May – September 2014.