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Ensemble (working title; premiering summer 2018)

Ensemble is a stage performance that challenges what is physically possible through a series of interactions between a group of five people.

Ensemble is a collaboration between co-directors Lucy Boyes and Robbie Synge, and three older performers and dancers aged in their 60s and 70s. Together, our age range is 32 – 75.

We set out with a number of questions: What do we see in individual people and in combinations of different people as they move – alone and together? As we are interested in surprising audiences and ourselves, what surprises can occur among the group of performers? How are assumptions around identities challenged? Can we find a way to mix or erase the identities and associations of age? Do we want to? What are we physically capable of, or not capable of? Does it matter? Are there harmonies or tensions in the group? Is it all gentle movement for older people? Probably not!

Throughout the performance, we will reveal more about our different physicality, strengths and challenges through a series of dance/physical performance sections. Over time, interactions show surprising and bold sequences or incidents, or much more predictable but entirely honest interactions.

With the support of Dance Base, Edinburgh and other partners to be announced.